Translation agency

Translation agency

During years of successful work in the market of language translation, our agency has gained the knowledge, professional approach and breadth of experience required of a professional translating service. We have a team of highly qualified translators, including personnel with particular expertise in a variety of fields where precise translation is essential. The extensive knowledge of our staff makes it possible to work with all world languages. We make direct translations as well as reverse translations between nearly any combinations of languages. We are proud of our individual approach to each client, our attention to detail and our translators’ competence. Effective liaising between translator and client enables us to complete any task to specific requirements. When working with us you will be provided with high quality work and prompt service.

We are experts in written translation

written translation, legal translation

We produce translation of texts of any complexity and on any subject as well as provide a number of additional services.

Economic translation

Various documents of the economic field, including but not limited to accounting reports, balance sheets, audit records, invoices, business plans, tender documents, bank documents, financial and tax statements, customs reports, licenses, etc.;

legal translation

Legal documents, contracts, legislative acts, legal resolutions, founding documents, summons and complaints, law reports, etc.;

Technical translation

Translation in various fields of engineering, building, electronics, medicine, oil and gas industries; translation of technical documents for different branches of industry, such as manuals, instructions, specifications, drafts, patents, catalogues, etc.;

translation of personal documents

Passports, birth/death certificates, marriage/divorce certificates, educational certificates, diplomas, academic degrees, military cards, driver licenses, employment records, pension certificates, powers of attorney, wills, permits, etc.;

literary translation, scientific translation, translation of various articles, brochures

Notarized translation and apostille

certified notarized translation and apostilization

The work of our agency and our translators can be notarized by a notary public. We offer certified and notarized translations and apostillize translated documents in accordance with the procedure established by law.

An Apostille is an international form of document authentication provided under the Hague Convention of 1961. This certification of a public document confirms that the document is legal and can be used in countries accepting this form of legalization.

as well as:

software localization and website translation

editing of translations

We offer editing of translations by experts – native speakers of the original and target languages;

software localization

Software interface translation;

website translation and design

Web design, copy, content management and website promotion for foreign language versions of websites and search engines;


Design, layouts, logo graphics, and pre-press services for foreign language versions of business cards, brochures and other printed sales, marketing, instructional or corporate policy collateral;

copywriting and rewriting

Content for websites, articles and rewriting of available texts in foreign languages.