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certified notarized translation and apostilization

Going abroad for permanent residence, marriage to foreign nationals, registration of international contracts, employment or studying abroad are some of the cases requiring official documents for which apostillization is legally required or advisable by the authority of the country where such a legal instrument is to be conveyed.

Notarized translation is a type of document certification. Notarized translation of documents issued by foreign governments is required if they are to be presented within the territory of the United Kingdom. Likewise, notarized translation of documents issued in the UK is always required for their presentation in a different country.

A notary certifies the authenticity of the translator's signature, indicating that the translation was performed by a certified translation specialist: the original document (or a certified copy), then countersigned and stamped by a notary. The original document and its translation are thereby tied together as components of a single, unified legal document.

As a rule, certified translations of official documents, which are intended for presentation in foreign countries, must be accompanied by consular legalization or apostilization. However, these procedures are not required in some countries.

Apostillization is the process of certification which confirms that an official document, which was issued on the territory of one state, possesses equal legal power on the territory of another state. Both the translation of such documents - certified as an apostille - and its legal authority are confirmed.

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We perform certified translations of documents in accordance with all the requirements for their translation into the language of the accepting nation, and can assist in any further accreditation, certification and/or legalization that also may be required.

Service Cost of the notarized translations is $15 per page.

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