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Copywriting and rewriting

Copywriting and rewriting

Our translation agency provides copywriting and rewriting services of different texts in foreign languages, which are performed only by professional translators and editors.

Copywriting service provides composition of new, unique content, and articles of varying complexity and on subject matter of your choosing. We can also provide SEO copywriting for optimizing a website for search engine queries. Optimized content, that is unique and interesting is a key tool for influencing search engines to drive up the popularity and success of your website.

Rewriting transforms your existing copy into new, unique text. Unique, well-written content enlivens your translated copy with fresh nuance and idiom, galvanizing reader interest while preserving the meaning and style of the original material.

We provide:

  • simple rewriting, rendering the original language text into the desired translation language in as literal a manner as possible, which is generally effected by replacing the words of the original text with their synonyms in the target language, changing only the word order, phrases and parts of sentences to achieve proper grammar and intent, while maintaining as direct a translation as possible;

  • complex (complete) rewriting allows for preservation of the semantic content of the text while creating a more fluid, native style that takes into consideration cultural idioms, yielding more impact and appeal with native speakers in the target language.

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