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Translation postediting and proofreading

Translation postediting and proofreading

Editing of a translated text is a complex checking of the quality of the completed translation, eliminating of any kinds of errors: typographical, spelling, grammar, punctuation, correcting inaccuracies of semantic or style, or usage of terms.

Traditionally, proofreading of a text or a document translated by our specialists is included in the cost of written translation services, as editing is an integral stage in the process of translation.

You can also order the editing service of an existing translation performed by other parties. As a rule, a review may be advisable if:

  1. You need to have a document translation notarized. Our translators will notarize a previously-translated document only after a thorough proofing of the source text used to create the translation;

  1. The source is a specialized text with legal, engineering, technical, scientific, or other content, which requires translation and editing by a professional translator specializing not only in the original and target languages, but also in the subject matter;

  2. If you need to edit a translated text for grammatical errors, misspellings, formatting and form layout of the document, but also for stylistic uniformity to the text and idiomatic polish;

  3. If the translation was not performed by a native speaker.

If the translation performed by other parties proves to be irretrievably flawed, inexpert, and/or inconsistent with your communication objectives, we are here to help you with the most complete, faithful and polished translation services available worldwide.

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