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Translation of normative and technical documentation

Translation of normative and technical documentation

Normative and technical documentation can be defined as documents comprising and establishing the rules and specifications for a particular type of activity and its results. Translation of documents of this type is a challenge aimed at getting a high quality and technically precise result.

The translator must know field terminology and specific statements, as well as specific nature and all the nuances of source and target languages. Usually these texts combine the styles and terms of law, technical and economic literature.

At the present time the most frequently translated documents are the following technical standards: GOST and OST standards, SNiP construction norms and specifications, TU technic specifications, SP construction regulations, SanPiN sanitary regulations and standards, VSN Industry-Specific Construction Standards, PB safety regulations, RD operational documents, VNTP tentative standardizing requirements and rules, as well as DIN, ISO, GMP and other standards, norms, rules, procedural regulations, instructions, as well as official and technical documents.

In our agency all the normative and technical documents are translated only by professional translators in close collaboration with the experts in the technical field. Together they can provide a high quality of translation of documents of any type and degree of complexity, which occur in international practice.

We meet all the requirements to the design of technical translations based on the corresponding normative documents and format translated documents in strict adherence to the original document (images, drawings, layouts, tables, charts, diagrams), i.e. we take care of keeping the layout of the original document. If the client wants to change the format of the original document, we can convert the translation into any desired format. We work with documents of all common formats. As formatting is a labor-intensive process, and it can be classified as a separate type of services, its cost usually makes up 30% of the cost of translation.

Calculation of the translation cost is made by calculating the number of symbols of the original document by means of MS Word statistics. One page comprises 1800 symbols, including spaces.

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