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Scientific and technical translation

Scientific and technical translation

Technical translation is a special type of translation. In a general sense, technical translation implies translation of texts in the fields of electronics, medicine, law, economics, etc. In a more restricted sense, technical translation includes working with texts from various fields of science, including IT, chemistry, mechanical engineering, geology, etc. Best of all when translation of any technical document is done by experts, as an incorrect translation can cost far more than the money saved on translator’s services – the price of such a translation may be accidents, damaged equipment, operation failures and destroyed reputation of your company.

A well-qualified technical translator should be not only fluent in source and target languages, but also be a specialist in the field of technical translation; he must know field specific terminology and translation methods, which allows escaping problems in the process of translation.

There is a number of language specific features and translation problems a technical translator deals with. For example, terminology is a problem of polysemy, a number of neologisms, abbreviations, proper names, differences in systems of units, etc. The other challenge of technical translation is the correct use of peculiar grammatical forms typical for the language of technical documents.

Our agency specializes in translations of technical documents for private and corporate clients. We offer translations of the following documents:

  • Engineering drawings, layouts, plans;

  • Technical specifications, regulations, technical quotations;

  • User guides, operation manuals;

  • Installation instructions, maintenance guides;

  • Declarations of conformity, declarations of safety;

  • Standards, patents, tender documents;

  • Waybills and bills of material;

  • Presentations, catalogues, brochures, labels;

  • User interface for software and hardware;

  • Materials for technical training.


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