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software localization and website translation

In recent years, software localization services have been in huge demand among software producers. The essence of the localization process is the translation and adaptation of a software product for users living in other countries, belonging to another culture and speaking a different language. We offer our clients software localization services in all languages of the world.

    The localization process can be divided into several stages:

  1. We analyze the technical challenges of performing the localization of a software product, and provide an evaluation of how we intend to approach the localization process;

  2. Services we can provide in the translation and adaptation of a product include architectural, structural, design, and technical aspects; sales and marketing; manuals and user documentation; interface elements, graphics and dynamic objects to optimize the essential technical and culturological adaptation aspects of the product;

  3. Assembling, testing and debugging of the localized software.

To perform high quality localization and website translation, our translators work side by side with experts in the information technology field, highly qualified programmers, other engineers and technical writing experts who specialize in product globalization.

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