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Technical drawing translation

Our agency specializes in technical translation which tasks include translations of special technical documents such as drawings. Translation of a drawing implies translation of all the text fragments contained in the document. In brief, the process of translation of a drawing can be described as separation and analysis of all the text fragments, their translation into the target language and the following insertion of the translated text into the original drawing.

The process of translation of drawings requires of the translator not only specialization in a particular technical field, knowledge and experience in running special programs where drawings are created, such as AutoCAD, NanoCAD, CorelDraw, PDF, InDesign, Compass and other software, but also being an expert in peculiarities and details of documents of this type, skills in reading and understanding drawings. Only when all these requirements are met, the client gets a technically and linguistically adequate translation. The design of the translated document must strictly correspond to the original document. It is very important to keep the format, scale, original structure and font size of the text.

Our translators meet high demands to experts working with technical documents, including drawings – solid working experience, proficiency in using field-special terminology and knowledge of local and international standards of design and technical documents.

Every translation is checked by our qualified editors, and only then we work on the document design, taking into account all the client’s requests and remarks, and finally pass the ready translation to the client. As a result, the client gets a translation designed identically to the original document even in the case if the original document was compiled on paper, or if the original file was created in a non-editable format. As formatting is a labor-intensive process, and it can be classified as a separate type of services, its cost usually makes up 30% of the cost of translation.

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